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Educational and Exciting Science Programs About Honey Bees

Kids and Bees Program

Great for schools, childcare centers, libraries, churches, museums, family events, parties…!

Children are fascinated by insects.  In this program Kim Lehman, educator/beekeeper will ignite the excitement of learning by combining audience participation, music, visual aids and many interesting tidbits about honey bees.


Children will learn to:

  • Identify the differences between the queen, drone and worker bees

  • Describe some of the duties of the worker bee

  • Understand the connection between bees and flowers through pollination

  • Understand the importance of pollination in production of food quantity and quality and seed regeneration

  • Describe products of the hive and their uses






  • Programs can be adjusted for ages pre-K and up. 

  • Programs can be performed in the gym, library, meeting rooms or outdoor space.

  • Depending on the venue, 4 – 7 tables will be needed.

  • The programs are flexible and can accommodate any size room.

  • Kim (The Bee Lady) will bring a sound system.

  • Materials such as wax sheets for beeswax candles and other hands-on activities may be arranged in advance.

  • Each Hands –On Program  can accommodate up to 60 students.

  • Assembly type programs are also available.




  • GET A CLOSER LOOK   (MICROSCOPES) --A variety of simple magnifying scopes and dissecting scopes with bee parts magnified.

  • BE A BEEKEEPER--Children will try on bee suits and gloves with an actual hive…no bees.

  • PICTURE PERFECT BEES--Learn about bee behavior and bee biology through these beautiful photo posters.

  • POLLINATION GAMES--Experience the insect/flower connection through simple activities about pollination.

  • HONEY TASTING--Taste three different kinds of honey from three different floral sources.

  • PRODUCTS OF THE HIVE--Touch, smell, and see the different products of the hive including honey, wax, pollen and propolis.


Additional Activities!


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